Day 1, 28 5 2014, Frankfurt Airport to Worms

Germany is really very easy.

The plane landed at 7.00, exactly on time.  Our bikes were ready for collection by the time we had cleared passport control, and we were underway in around an hour.

The bike path out of the airport starts more or less at the end of the drop off zone. From there we rode to the little village of Klesterbach, where we picked up the Main River bike path.

The plan was to join the Rhine River bike path south, at the city of Mainz, which we did.

We did not even need maps for this stage.  The bike paths were mostly first-class sealed, dedicated paths, with reasonable signage.

However, it was not until we were around 50km form the airport that the country became interesting.  Until then we were riding the river path or passing through industrial infrastructure or alongside the railway line.

We climbed through pretty vine country and meandered along a ridge line for some time, getting lost as the path signage disappeared.  Navigation is not particularly difficult as you can see the large river.

We got into Worms around 4.00, checked out the tourist information, checked into the first pub we tried in the downtown area, went for a walk around town and on to a river-side brewery for a good German pub meal.

And that is that, no trials or tribulations, everything just works, and the costs are pretty modest at just over the 100E for the day.

 This all sounds a bit bland, but it really was a pretty pleasant day for two weary jet-lagged travellers.

Just under 100km for the day.  Photos to follow.


Roz says whoopee scored the cattle class jackpot, four seats in a row just for us, so not as tired this time.


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