Day 10, 31 5 2013, Strasbourg


Yesterday was the sort of day that occurs occasionally when bicycle touring.  We arrived at the canal junction to find that it was another 89Km to Strasbourg. From the map we thought it was perhaps 50Km.  We had set our hearts on Strasbourg as a destination, so something had to give, and we truncated our sight-seeing on the way through.  It doesn’t matter, we will see something else instead.

Today was a first.  We have never in some 250 days of cycle touring in Europe cancelled out because of weather. It rained throughout last night and was raining steadily this morning.  The forecast was for the rain to get heavier. We both have colds, so we made the logical decision and decided to spend the day in Strasbourg.  This in my opinion is one of the better cities to spend an extra day.  So we just did conventional tourist things.

 As I have had a bit of extra time today I have added photos to the preceding pages.


After a week or so of eating at restaurants we look forward to something different so we go to a delicatessan or supermarket and buy a picnic dinner.  We love the quailty of European smallgoods and prefer this to eating out.

Roz says:

Picnics rule.

OMG a first, a day out of the saddle and a visit to the Museum of Modern Art, seniors tickets!!

Still raining but tomorrow we ride.

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