Day 13, 3 6 2013, Mulhouse

Our intention today was to visit the Alsace towns on the wine route that we had not had time to visit on our way into Mulhouse.  So we decided to stay here an extra night, and do a day trip.

We set out for the town of Thann, supposed one of rare natural beauty, in a cold wind and overcast skies, contrary to the weather forecast.

Unfortunately, the potassium processing factory and the typical 1960s houses of Thann, were not, in our opinion of particular natural beauty.

We rode on to the villages to the north scattered along the foothills of the Volges range, and despite their claims to natural beauty, they seemed like pretty average French villages, and nothing like the striking towns we visited yesterday.

We also seemed to have some navigational difficulties. There seemed to be quite a lot of traffic, and we had difficulty until quite late in the day separating ourselves from it, although, as always, it was remarkably considerate.

On the way back into Mulhouse we managed to find the Cite de L’Automible, which I had been told by a friend was truly exceptional, and in my opinion as something of a petrol head, it was extraordinary, both in the quality of the collection and the depth.  We only had a little time there but it was fantastic.

So, the cold wind and heavy overcast effected the day, but it all worked well.

97Km for the day, and the GPS now seems to be working, for no apparent reason.

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