Day 17, 7 6 2013, Dijon to Beaume

We left Dijon late after a bit more sightseeing and unsuccessful visits to bike shops, along a canal.  We are a bit over canals, so when we reached a decision point where we could continue on a canal or ride over some pretty substantial hills, we chose the hills.

I have said before that hills make country attractive and are usually worth the effort and so it turned out today.  It is getting hot now, but is a bit cooler along the ridge line a few hundred metres higher, and very attractive.  However, while not stressful, there was some hard work in riding up these hills.

This was a short day.  The destination was Beaune, and we got here around 3.30pm, to do a bit of sight-seeing.  So we booked into a hotel, then wandered around, tasted some mustard and wine, bought some local small goods for dinner and retired to our room with a view of the parking lot in the square.

Beaune is a beautiful city in the style of cities of this part of France.  The old city is full of narrow streets, full of life, cafes and people.

Another good day.  We are gradually riding to Lyon, and then probably on towards the Mediterrean Sea at Avignon, but things may change.

68Km for the day, including some hard ones.


Roz says

David is starting to see that many French villages have no local shops because there is a market once a week and a bread delivery at least once a day!

Inconvenient for tourists!

Today, 34 degrees and 7% incline but this has to be better than the freezing rain of last week!!


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