Day 24, 20 6 2014, Tittmoning to Passau

The chap we met in Rosenheim a couple of days ago warned us that it might rain around Salzburg on Friday.  “it always rains in Salzburg.” He said, as if talking about darkest Africa, not a place just down the road.

We woke up this morning to the first wet day we have had.  It was raining when we left our hotel, but as we moved further away from the Salzburg area the rain decreased, and we actually didn’t get seriously wet.  This is remarkable, as we have not yet had a seriously wet day in over 3 weeks riding in Europe.

We decided to do a bit of our own navigation.  It is pretty obvious where we have to go as there is a huge river.  So we left the recommended path, and rode down the other bank of the river, where the path deteriorated to a narrow, rough walking track. 

We wondered whether we would need to turn back, but the path opened up and we were OK.  I suppose we must have been a bit tired to do exactly the same thing again a bit later, but on this occasion we had to back track a bit.

The bike route takes you through quite varied country, through villages, farmland, forest and perhaps a bit too much along the levy.  The path is quite OK, but mostly gravel, and there are a few rough patches.  We had no problems, but anyone riding a road bike with narrow tyres certainly would.

The towns today are very attractive, with large central plazas, lined with three-story rendered buildings all painted different pastel colours.  No two adjoining buildings are the same colour.

The run into Passau was through beautiful deciduous forest alongside the river, and quite delightful.

The tourist information man in Passau told us the city is full, so we are in a hotel over the river, about 1Km from the centre of Passau.

115Km for the day, possibly a bit too much.


Roz says: Whoops, thought we could get around the closed path along the edge of the river with a bit of portage passed the land slide and a bit of technical riding but NO!!  As photo shows no amount of willingness could get us past that obstacle!! 

Fortunately did not have to portage back but found a path up and out BUT did lose my dear bike computer, it leapt off!!  So now no proper statistics en route!!  Weather cleared by Passau, and hotel next door to big open supermarket and grog shop, how good is that??


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