Day 31, 27 6 2014, Decin to Dresden

We both have a psychological problem.  We always choose not to go back, even when it is obvious we have made a mistake.  So, this morning, rather than ride from the centre of town to where we left the bike path, we chose to ride onwards, and ended up on the wrong side of the river.  As usual, it didn’t matter and we rode very comfortably in the shade on a very lightly-trafficed road to the German border.  The country is beautiful, the river passing through a steep heavily-forested gorge.


The change as we rode into Germany is very marked.  The road widened and the villages were crisp and polished. The tourism picked up as soon as we entered Germany.  There were bikes everywhere on both sides of the river, and frequent ferries carrying people and bikes back and forth.  The built infrastructure in these villages is very pretty, brightly-painted rendered buildings and attractive town squares.

As usual, we chose to ignore a sign that said “nicht fur radfahrers” or something similar, and ended up on a walking track for a few kilometers. It didn’t matter, but perhaps we should at least get some idea of what we are doing.

The track overall was as good as could be expected, but most interesting until we rode out of the gorge some 16Km from Dresden.  From there on we were on the flat wide valley.

While there were thousands of bikes out and about today, it was only in the last few kilometers into Dresden that there was any sort of congestion, but even then it was no problem.

We booked into a hotel a few kilometers from the town centre, to save some money, and caught the tram back to prowl around this wonderful city for a few hours, before having dinner al fresco overlooking the Elbe, with a concert starring Sunrise Avenue booming out across the river from the other side.  It was a perfect evening.

75 easy kilometers for the day.

I have never heard of Sunrise Avenue either, but they seem very popular.


Roz says:  Right bank this morning as the sun rises on the right making photography best from the right!!  No surprises there!  The off piste was a surprise but explains why ALL the riders took the ferry to the other side at the last village!!  Well worth the effort, divine views.  So many cyclists on the Elbe trail today and it is only Friday, we won’t see how it will be tomorrow but any more will be too many.  The rebuilt Dresden is VERY attractive.


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