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The eBook is provided in PDF format and costs US$10. Samples can be downloaded here and here.  Please note that the quality of the Ebook is better than these samples as they have been compressed to reduce their size to include here.

People are curious about the idea of getting on your bike at an airport and touring a continent.  Many people have asked us about how or why we do this.  Others have assumed that we live in a different universe from the one they inhabit.  This book is our attempt to answer these questions, and some more about life in general.

While there is a lot of detail on where to go, this is not a guide book.  We hope that those who would like to do some bicycle touring will find ideas and inspiration.  We have included considerable detail on some aspects of bicycle touring in Europe including:

  • how to get started, your first tour,     
  • what to ride,
  • the gear you need to carry,
  • tour ideas and information sources,
  • and a bit on the look and feel of bicycle touring.

Our goal with this book is to try and communicate some of the sheer joy of this form of travel and answer some of the questions we have been asked over the years.

The book is organised as chapters concerning particular countries.  It is not chronological, but the result of five trips and around 17,000km of touring across western Europe.

During these trips we criss-crossed some countries a number of times, so this organisation makes more sense.

There are lots of photos, but none of cathedrals.  There are maps showing where we have travelled. The book is about 150 A4 pages in length.

The book is only available as a PDF document, and only from this site.  That is how we keep the price down to $10.

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Because there are a large number of colour photographs, a colour viewer is necessary.  That is, a black and white ebook reader such as the Kindle is not suitable, but an iPad is OK.