Most of the web sites that cover cycle touring in Europe relate to escorted tours, and information related to how you might do things yourself are a bit thin on the ground.  The following is a summary of some of the available resources.  As time allows, we will add more links to this page.

 Harris Cyclery operates a very comprehensive web site.  They have an on line store but also provide a wealth of information about how to organize your own European cycling tour here. 

 Travel Europe by Bicycle is a meta site, that is, a site that primarily provides links to other sites.  It does not have any coherent theme, but there may be bits and pieces that are useful.  

 Bicycle in Europe is a good site.  It may not have enough detail to get you started, but contains a good deal of useful additional information, including some on costings.  It is worth noting that since the financial crisis costs of various things are changing rapidly, and you need to be careful about currency conversions.  The author gives good notes, that is, they agree with our experience of the same areas, on a variety of areas he has ridden.

Holidays to Europe contains some information on organizing your bicycle trip.  I don’t know that it contains much that is different from our site, which only goes to show that great minds think alike, but it is well worth a look.

Fietsen Koen is a superb bike shop, specialising in Rohloff equipped bikes.  See the comments on days 8,9 and 10 in the News section.  The shop is located in the town of Leuven some 20 minutes drive east of Brussels.