Day 11, 7 6 2014, Vallorbe to Geneva

I do think it is so civilised that people can bring their dogs to restaurants.

We finished the Jura trial today, Swiss national bike route number 7.

It required 2 more big climbs and a long 700 vertical meter descent to Lake Geneva and the city of Nyon.

We decided there to take the ferry to Geneva.

The Jura is spectacular country.  The bike route gives access that is not available by any other means.  Most of the route is on restricted roads, local access only, and barred forest tracks.  You could walk it, and many walk sections of it.  But it is a long way to walk the lot,  278Km.

There are walking tracks everywhere and there are many people on these tracks. There are people out and about on mountain bikes on the less accessible tracks, and this weekend a large number of camper vans in some of the available camping places.  Because of the terrain it makes some sense in good weather to camp, you are never far from a forest.  The legality is questionable in many areas, but there are obvious signs that camping is common.  However, you must keep your luggage weight under control and bring just the very minimum of equipment.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.  The Jura should not be your first bike tour, but it is worth every bit of the effort.

As I suggested earlier, the area is relatively undeveloped in terms of tourist infrastructure, so there is a window of opportunity.

When we first bike toured in Europe in 2005, bike helmets were an oddity. Now the majority of touring riders wear helmets.

A similar transition is taking place with electric bikes.  There has been an explosion over the last couple of years, and the electric bike appears to be providing freedom and mobility to a rapidly growing number of people, both for the local, and for recreation and touring. More power to them.

We will do a bit of sight-seeing around Geneva tomorrow, but then don’t have much idea of exactly where we will go.  We will work it out tomorrow.


64Km for the day.


Roz says: I think the Swiss invented the fartlek and climbs of 8% with 16% intervals are like doing fartlek, after a 16%, 8% feels like a down hill!!  I knew man rider would be good for the morning, we had conquered our first major vertical in the first kilometer and he was into it, no worries.  More gorgeous wild flowers and cows and lake views and shopping at the farm for home made cheese, salami and abscinthe ICE CREAM. 



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